Testing Protocols

IPT’s team of battery executives know the difference that Quality Control & Testing Procedures make to battery performance and customer satisfaction. That’s why we work with only ISO certified production partners who meet all regulatory compliance requirements, including CE, CTIA, UL and UN DOT. All of our production partners worldwide adhere to our 15-point Plus-Testing Protocol. IPT further tests all products a second time in accordance with ISO 9001 standards.

At every step of the manufacturing process, the components of our batteries are tested, checked and evaluated for quality and performance. The final steps of IPTs 15-Point Plus Testing Protocol are performed in our Florida Technical Facility on every lot of our batteries. These steps include:

  • Visual inspection – this ensures that the exterior casings are all up to IPT specifications and that assembly is complete and correct
  • Destructive testing of a sample – here we disassemble a battery in the lot to inspect its internal parts to ensure parts and assembly meet IPT quality standards
  • Cadex testing – this assures quality of power and measures discharge characteristics. By running 3 cycles on the lot, we can guarantee the quality our customers demand. At IPT, this Cadex testing determines GO or NOT GO on every lot, before we ship any batteries from that lot
  • Finally, for Land Mobile Radio Batteries, we test the lot on Motorola, GTS and IPT tri-chemistry chargers, to ensure they will meet customer requirements

The result of IPT’s 15-Point Plus-Testing Protocol: a level of quality control unequalled in the industry – and a warranty to match.


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