“Not only did IPT provide demo units for us to test, but they had all the necessary data and documentation to support their technology. Not to mention their warranty period was double what other vendors offered. IPT dotted every ‘I’ and crossed every ‘T’. IPT’s Lithium Polymer batteries are far superior, yet at a similar or even slightly lower cost to the manufacturer’s product.It’s a bonus that their batteries are noticeably lighter as well. Plus IPT’s service made all the difference in the whole process.”

Lori Brown, Communications Supervisor, Indio Police Department

"The customer service was outstanding. And with the savings from IPT as compared to the other vendors we researched, we were able to buy double the number of batteries and 50% more chargers. We definitely got more for our money…of course the batteries lasted longer, so we got more performance for the money too. I'm a straight shooter kind of guy. I call it the way I see it and I wholeheartedly, proudly and voluntarily recommend IPT to other agencies. I've tested it or I've had it tested, I've confirmed it, and I've seen it work."

Cris Martinez, Training and Radio Systems Administrator, Murrieta Police Department

"Best battery ever. We were lucky to get 8 hours out of our old batteries and since my department switched to impact power batteries, we are getting, on average, 30 hours out of the battery. We couldn’t be happier with the batteries. Additionally, the weight difference is about half of what our old batteries were. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a lightweight reliable battery."

Lt. Tom Hass, Germantown Fire Department, Germantown, WI

"…still going strong on original charge with no recharging in between… I have to remind myself to put it on the charger now and then. The weight is about half of my old one… I absolutely love this battery – you can take it out of my cold, dead hands. You bet they can quote me!"

Sgt. Bart Brunscheen, Wichita Police Department, Wichita, Kansas

"During a recent incident in Dartmouth that called for several area departments to respond for an extended deployment, it came to my attention that some members of other departments were having issues with their portable radios, and had to request spare batteries be brought to the scene. It was reassuring that the new Impact Batteries used by the Dartmouth Police Department stood up to the test and lasted through the long ordeal without any issues."

Timothy M. Lee, Chief of Police, Dartmouth Police Department

“We were given an opportunity to field test the IPT8610-LiP battery and admittedly, we were skeptical about the claims of the battery life. To our astonishment the battery life has surpassed our expectations lasting over 24 continuous hours. We immediately ordered these for our patrol division as they represent the next generation in radio technology assuring effective communications for field officers.”

Major Bruce Moreau, Patrol Commander, Pawtucket Police Department

“We put IPT’s battery samples in the hands of some of our customers for scanners to test both 2-way radios and barcode and the feedback went from ‘It lasted 2 days’ to ‘it lasted through 2 shifts,” then ultimately ‘We need this!’ Normally batteries are considered a necessary commodity that always takes away from a customer’s bottom line. Some customers had battery issues they didn’t even realize they had. In less than 2 months since we’ve worked with IPT, their unique value proposition has already differentiated them by providing quantifiable customer benefits.”

Prime Media Group, (Independent representatives for various industries including retailing, manufacturing/distribution, gaming/casinos)

“It started with a trade show brochure from Impact Power Technologies (IPT), whose claims sounded too good to be true. But when the complimentary battery that IPT supplied tested out at 12 to 18 hours of run time every time, it was a game changer. IPT’s battery performance was like night and day over the OEM or any other battery we tested.It was easy to justify replacing the OEM with IPT, especially when we’re getting between double and triple the lifespan in return value. Then, when we tested the newest IPT battery for the Motorola XTS 3000/5000 radios that has 4700 milliamps and it lasted quite a bit longer…over 30 hours on a charge. I didn’t think we could afford the upgrade, but IPT promised to hold the same price as their previous battery.”

David Hernandez, Tech Lieutenant, Miami Beach Police Department

"Recently the Pellston Fire Department and Emmet County Search and Rescue purchased numerous batteries from Impact Power Technologies, LLC, specifically the Motorola APX-7000R and 200XLS. Since receiving these products and using them in the field each organization has been very pleased with the equipment.We are especially satisfied with the longevity of the battery life and reliability that they have brought to our departments. It is equipment such as this that helps to make each of our organizations successful in their duties.These batteries are highly recommended from each organization and we look forward to any future business with you."

Randolph l. Bricker, Sr., Pellston Fire Chief, Director of Emmet County Search & Rescue

“My men were constantly changing their 2-way radio batteries mid-shift. It was very time-consuming – and could pose some real danger. When IPT told us they had a battery that would last more than 30 hours, we didn’t believe it. Then we tested a few in the field. Every one of them ran 32 hours or more. That’s instead of the 6-8 hours we were getting with the old batteries. And the IPT battery is much lighter, which is just great. I’ve never seen a better battery. We’ve started changing over to the IPT batteries.”

Police Chief, Southeastern Massachusetts

“There are 2 main reasons why our customers keep reordering more IPT batteries even beyond their capacity to last through an entire work shift: IPT’s 1-year ‘no questions asked’ warranty, versus other typical 30-day limited warranties; and IPT’s value pricing, which saves them money upfront.”

David Murray, VP Sales, SSE Technologies (Auto ID solutions provider for various industries including retailing and warehousing/logistics)

“One of the things you learn in an emergency is just how important communication is. Having a battery go dead during a crisis can be deadly. We’re so happy to find a battery that we don’t have to worry about. Our new IPT batteries are lasting through 2 to 3 twelve-hour shifts.”

John Llewellyn, Chief of Police, Rockland, MA

“The IPT Lithium Polymer batteries are lasting 40 hours. It’s definitely our battery of choice. We’ll be ordering more in the future.”

Joseph C. Ferreira, Chief of Police, Somerset Police Department, Somerset, MA
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