Special Projects

Impact Power Technologies’ Special Projects Division focuses on the development of unique, high density batteries for critical applications and devices. Recent Special Projects have included solutions using our patented Lithium Polymer technology – as well as Lithium Ion, Lithium Iron Phosphate, and more traditional battery chemistries.


Recent Solutions from IPT's Special Projects Division


+ Portable Power Source for Military Field Laptops
We were asked to develop a battery for uniquely designed – and uniquely powerful – laptops used by military forces in battlefield conditions. The custom laptops were designed without a battery, which limited their use in the field. We worked with a military supplier/consultant to develop a high density custom battery that is lightweight, powerful, and provides 30% more run time than the client had specified*.

+ Long-lasting Solution for DEA Tracking Device
The Drug Enforcement Administration had a problem with GPS tracking: due to short-life batteries, their tracking devices required more frequent battery changes than they deemed safe. We were asked to develop a custom battery that would allow long-term tracking using a highly-specialized device. We were able to deliver an IPT Lithium Polymer solution that improves runtime from 2 ½ days to more than a month, more than satisfying DEA specifications*.

+ Custom Surveillance Battery
Special Project for a government agency that called for the development of a battery that would allow longer-term surveillance than the battery in use. Again, working with our Lithium Polymer technology, IPT engineers delivered a battery with triple the run time of traditional solutions.

+ Unique Robotic Power Solution
We are currently working for a leader in warehouse robotics to provide a portable power solution that reduces battery charge time by 50%, increases battery run time 100%, improving productivity for clients 16% per year.

+ Emergency Lighting Battery
We are also working with a specialty lighting company to create a battery that will provide 2 hour emergency lighting backup for their unique replacement for fluorescent bulbs.